Self Employed Mortgage

Joseph has been trading for 16 months and only had 1 year accounts for his self employed business. He had been to see the high street in house mortgage adviser at the bank he had his business account with and they said their criteria was a minimum of 2 years accounts they needed. Joseph and […]

First Time Buyers

Chloe & Ryan had been saving for over 3 years using the government help to buy ISA which rewards them with percentage of their savings to put towards the deposit of a house purchase if you are a first time buyer. They fell in love with their home and wanted to ensure they were getting […]

Adverse Credit

Jake & Sophie had been renting for several years and really wanted to buy their home off the landlord before it went on the market as they had settled into their new home.  Upon approaching their bank for a mortgage that they had been banking with for 5 years, the high street bank inhouse mortgage […]