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Family is important; that’s why it’s best to get expert advice to help protect what
matters, when it matters!

Thinking about the consequences should anything happen to the main breadwinner isn’t
something any of us want to contemplate. However it is important when arranging your
mortgage to take the time to protect you and your family should the unthinkable happen.

Put simply protection products are policies that are arranged to provide you and your family with
either a lump sum or a regular income should you become seriously ill, or in the event of your

We have listed some of the most popular types of insurance below:

Life Insurance

Life insurance, also known as term insurance or life assurance will provide a sum of money in
the event of death during the term of the policy. This cash lump sum is paid tax free and can be
used by your dependents however they choose.

Life insurance can be used to cover a mortgage, other loans or to ensure that your family is
protected from the effects of having to repay a debt.

Critical Illness Cover

A Critical Illness plan is designed to pay out a lump sum on the diagnosis of certain specified
illnesses. This type of plan is designed for those individuals or families whom want a lump sum
if they are diagnosed with a serious illness. As an example of where this lump sum could be used
is to repay a loan, mortgage, or perhaps pay for time off work.

Income Protection

An Income Protection plan is designed to pay out a regular income in the event you are unable to
work due to an accident or illness. These types of plans continue to pay out an income as long
as you are unable to return to work up until the end date of the policy (typically your normal
retirement age).

Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit is a life insurance policy which is set for a period of time known as the
term. If you die within this period the policy will pay out a regular tax free income until the end of
the term. For example if you have a 20 year policy and die within 5 years the policy will pay out
the remaining 15 years.

For more information on which protection policy best suits your needs call our expert team toda

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