Protection For Mortgage Debt & Family Health

Regardless Of What Life Throws At You

Protection for mortgage debt shlould always be put in place for peace of mind.

You will go to sleep at night knowing that the debt on your home can still be paid if you are sick or injured and can’t work.

You’ll be secured in the knowledge that your debts can be cleared if you get a critical illness like cancer.  So that you can focus on recovery and not worry about losing your home.  So your partner and children are not left with an enormous debt if you die.

It is important to review your protection regularly to ensure it is still right for you. Get in touch to book a review.

Life Cover

This is an insurance policy that pays out a lump sum in the event of death. 

It is important if you have or are planning on having a family, or if you own your own a property and would want the mortgage paid off in the event of your death, so you are able to leave the property to a loved one.

We only use the best policy providers in the market.

Critical Illness Cover

CIC will pay you a lump sum of money upon diagnosis of a critical illness or serious injury. 

This type of insurance policy will pay you a lump sum of money depending on the amount of cover you selected. 

Because of the advances in medical treatment now available, you are more likely to survive a serious illness.  

But you may you never be able to work again. 

This would obviously put a huge strain on trying to maintain your cost of living and more importantly keeping up with your mortgage payments.


Income Protection

An insurance policy that would pay you a monthly income while you were unable to work to due an accident or sickness.

If you were unable to work, and your sick pay ran out, would you afford to pay the mortgage and other household bills?

The last thing you need while unable to work is the additional worry of keeping on top of your bills, especially your mortgage.

We will find the best policy for your needs from the best health Insurance providers in the market

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