Mortgages For Sales Professionals

Alex Udakis CeMAP

My Background

Coming from a Managed Services, Telecommunication and Cyber Security background. 

I bring a wealth of experience from working with some of the largest Financial Houses in the world on Canary Wharf.  

My Service

As a Broker that specialises  in mortgages for sales professionals, I provide a straight forward service, working with the largest independent whole of market mortgage network in the UK, with access to over 200 lenders.

Every client is different and I’ll tailor my service and support to your needs.  You could be a first time buyer to an experienced landlord with a large portfolio of properties.

Whoever you are I’ll help you achieve your goals.

Where I Specialise

Mortgages For Salespeople – You can’t gain your full borrowing potential of using salary with 100% of commission and bonus, so you can’t always get the mortgage you want.  I work with specialist lenders in the UK to find you the mortgage that fits your true income.

Mortgages For Sales People

Up To 6 x Income Mortgage – You have a solid income and you need a mortgage with high income multiples.  There are lenders out there that will go up to 6 x income for a mortgage.  At the moment 4 is the standard, 5 should be easy to find but 6 will be a stretch unless you are earning £100,000 a year with provable income or you are a professional such as a doctor or lawyer.

6 x Income Mortgage

Buy To Let – Thinking of investing in a Buy To Let for the first time or you already have a portfolio of properties, you need to understand the market, especially with the ever changing tax rules.

Buy To Let

Helping everyone throughout the UK, with online webinar calls and an application process completed easily, with all documentation provided through our secure online platform with electronic signature.

I live in Shropshire with my wife and dogs.  I can help you wherever you are based in the U.K 

Please feel free to reach out to me.

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